Phone : 08739 – 246222, Cell : 9618246222


         FOUNDER                            PRINCIPAL

   A. Subhash Reddy               A.Srikanth Reddy M.Sc. B.Ed.

   Ponkal, Jannaram                                                 Ponkal, Jannaram


We live in an ever-changing world. “Parivartan” – the ultimate change for a virtuous life & updating the on par with the change is need of the hour. Covid - 19 was a golden opportunity to the one who adapted the change, updated technical skills and made pandemic an opportunity. This is not over yet, and all the educationalists should groom up the students to face any such critical situation and convert it into an opportunity. We at SLATE are working with a vision to prepare the children as world leaders by making them perfect in almost all the fields in a systematic approach with a Pancha Varsha Pranalika which includes 1. Awareness on Indian constitution and foreign countries’ constitutions 2. Life skills from holy books like bhagawath Gita, Quran, Bible 3. Introducing Foreign Language 4. Introducing socio-psychology, physiology, journalism, Anchoring, broadcasting 5. Introducing various skills like carpentry, plumbing, Electric work, painting, cooking, stitching, Coding, robotics, AI along with focusing on 21st century skills which are Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, and effective communication skills. To make the children future Olympians, we are about to introduce ‘School Olympics’ in the upcoming year. It will help the students to gain mastery over the event which he/she is good at.

INDIA needs leaders with complete knowledge on all the above to lead the world for which SLATE is working with a mission “ To provide holistic, futuristic, quality and value based education as there is a need of it from foundation level to transform INDIA into a better force”


Name of the society : SLATE EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY.

Registration No.& Date : 225/2005, 03-06-2005.

Address : H.No:1-77, Rendlaguda (Mandapalli), JannaramMandal

Dist: Mancherial, Telangana-504205.

Institution : SLATE HIGH SCHOOL (Nursery to X class English Medium),

Behind Andhra Bank, Ponkal, Jannaram, MNCL-504205.

Recognition Number:3435/A2/2010

Introduction of Society Members:

Ex-President : Late Aenugu Linga Reddy S/o Limba Reddy

President : Aenugu Subhash Reddy S/o A.Linga Reddy aged about 

58 years, R/o Rendlaguda (Mandapalli), Jannaram, Mancherial.

Occ: Business.

Vice President : Aenugu Rajitha

R/o Rendlaguda (Mandapalli), Jannaram, MAncherial.

Occ: House wife.

General Secretary : A.Srikanth Reddy S/o A.Subhash Reddy aged about 41 years,

R/o Rendlaguda (Mandapalli), Jannaram,ADB.

Occ: Business. 

Purpose of Establishment:

Past President of society A.Linga Reddy is a freedom fighter & also he is a retired           Govt. Teacher. As he had rendered services as Govt. Teacher having idea on importance of English medium education he made his grandson’s& grand granddaughter’s educate in English medium institutions as boarders in Nirmal, Nizamabad& Hyderabad because there were no English medium institutions in Jannaram & surrounding mandals upto 40kms.

Even in 2004 there were no English medium institutions in & around 40 Kms of Jannaram mandal. President of society A.Linga Reddy Garu after retirement as Govt. Teacher, General secretary A.Srikanth Reddy Garu after completion of Post-Graduation (MSC Comp)& family members discussed together & made a review of the problems we faced in completing education & decided to start an English Medium institution to help people.

Keeping all these in view & to develop Jannaram mandal& surrounding village people, we have started a school with the name SLATE HIGH SCHOOL run & managed by SLATE EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY in the year 2004.

Demand of School:

People here in Jannaram mandal& surrounding mandals are unaware of the importance of English Medium Education. SLATE had done a good job from the past 18 years in motivating people to educate their children in English medium & that is the result today we have around 1512 students.

Development of SLATE HIGH SCHOOL:

Year Strength

2004-05 170

2005-06 250

2006-07 370

2007-08 490

2008-09 610

2009-10 730

2010-11 850

2011-12 970

2012-13 1100

2013-14 1220

2014-15 1350

2015-16 1500

2016-17 1500

2017-18 1650

2018-19 1835

2019-20 1836

2021-22 1512

Technical Education:

We are providing Computer education to the students from first class to enable them face the world without any problem as everything is becoming computerized now a days.

We have three digital class rooms supported by Teach Next Education which enables children learn better with the help of AV lessons& meet the change of education system in today’s world & we also have “Atal Tinkering Lab” which makes the children future ready.

Academic Achievements:


From the past 13 years with sincere effort, SLATE students are getting selected in Jawahar Navodaya entrance examination.

Year No. of students selected

2009 3

2010 1

2011 3

2012 3

2013 2

2014 2

2015 4

2016 2

2017 5

2018 4

2019 5

2020 3

2021 3


In the very first batch of SSC i.e. 2011, SLATE have proved its standard by achieving 100% first class result & 50 % students i.e. (7 out of 14 students) have scored 500 & above marks, out of which 3 students have scored 550 & above marks ie(554, 552,552 marks).

2013-2014 K.Vyshnavi 9.8, MD.Basheeruddin 9.7

2014-2015 E.Sruthi 9.8, N.Vasavi 9.7

2015-2016 Kabeerullah10, V.Vinay Kumar 10,E.Sai Srujan 9.8

2016-2017 B.Vyshnavi 9.8, A.Saketh Ram 9.7

2017-2018 Vinay Kumar 10/10  D. Niketh 10/10

2018-2019 Sidranaz 10/10, Amanullah 10/10, Sanjana 10/10.

2019-20 10 GPA’s – 48

2020-21 10 GPA’s - 76

Competitive Examinations result:

Sri Srinivasa Ramanujan Science &Maths Olympiad result:

2013-2014 Museb Shah Khan VI Class Dist 1st

K.Vyshnavi X Class Dist 2nd

Varshith VII Class Dist 2 nd

2014-2015 M.Sampath VII Class Dist 2nd

2016-2017 M.Hemanth Raj III class Dist 1st

V.Vivek IX Class Dist 2nd

B.Saketh V Class Dist 2nd

2017-2018 L. Abhi Sathvika VII class Dist. 3rd

2018-2019 D. Karthik V Class (State 1st), J. Dharshan VII Class              (Dist.1st Rank) J. Suprathik VI Class (Dist 1stRank)

2019-2020   D. Spurthi V Class ( Dist. 1st) M. AdhvaithaVI Class ( Dt. 1st)                  K. Rishith IV Class (Dt. 1st) T. Saitharun X ( State 4th) D. Karthik VI ( State 3rd)             A. Suprith Reddy (IV Class) State 4th) Ch. Muninder X ( Dist.  4th)                           K. Bhuvanesh Reddy IV Class( Dist.2nd) R. Aryan Nayak (Dist. 2nd) K. Sushrith 5th ( Dist. Consolation) P. Madhu IX ( Dt. Consolation) T. Sreemayi IV            (Dt. Consolation)

2020-21     Due to lockdown, exams were not conducted.


Informal mode of education is an organized activity with educational purpose carried on outside the highly structured framework of formal education system. Key role of CLUBs in SLATE HIGH SCHOOL is to develop various skills of students and the motto of these CLUBS is to allow the students to work on their own ideas and experiments. Students can learn more through Clubs activity. These clubs would help the students complete curriculum in a subtle manner.

To bring out the hidden talent of the students who are well versed in different activities, our school introduced different CLUBs. i.e. 

1. NCC Club

2. Environmental Club

3. Tour Club

4. Maths Club

5. Science Club

6. Sports Club

7. Arts Club

8. Health Club

9. Literature Club

Each & Every club has a prominent role in the academics.

1. NCC CLUB : The word NCC stands for National Cadet Corps. The main motto of NCC is Unity & Discipline.

Role : Here in our school the main role of NCC Club is to make the today’s students as tomorrow’s responsible citizens.

To make the students to help the people who are in need & to serve the Nation.

Because of NCC drills, the students come to know about the benefits of unity, even they can improve their physical strength & approach among the students takes place.

Achievements 2016-17 : Some of our students got, best Cadet of the camp award & some other showed their Excellence in Parades by winning Medals & Certificates.

Achievements 2017-18 : This year too, a group of merituous students got enrolled in NCC and were privileged to attend 10 days camp in Adilabad. Some of them were honoured with medals and certificates for parade, shooting etc. 

Achievements 2018-19 :The NCC Batch of 18-19 was very eager to attend the annual Training camp held in Adialbad. The cadets have undergone 10 days training and were held in high esteem and admiration for their outstanding performance. They also conducted rallies and awareness programmes on NCC Day and several other occasions. Republic Day Parade was another point of their excellence.  

Achievements 2018-19: Around 25 students attended the annual training camp in Adilabad. 

Celebrated NCC Day and participated in community services like, swatch Bharath campaign, cleaning of public places, awareness dramas, plugging, cleaning of monuments etc.   


2. ENVIRONMENTAL CLUB :Pollution is one of the major problems of the World. To overcome this problem each & every human being wants to take an active role to make the Environment Pollution FREE.

Role :Environmental Club of our school takes an active role to make the school surroundings pollution free, by planting trees & protecting them.

They motivate the students about the importance of Environment.

As a human being we all need to know one thing.

If we have problem in a village, we will move to another village.

If we have problem in a city, we will move to another city.

But, If we have problem in our planet, we don’t have any other choice to go for.

Because, the Earth is the only planet where the survival of human beings takes place, so we have to protect our Mother Planet.

Achievements 2016-17 : Environmental club was successful in planting and nurturing several trees in the school surrounding as well as on either side of the road. The members of the Club were assigned to nurture a plant each which they have done perfectly.

Achievements 2017-18 :In the academic year 2017-18, Environmental Club has planted a number of trees in the school surrounding and also participated in the “Harithaharam Programme” conducted by the Forest Department. The Club also undertook “Swatch Bharath Campaign” in the school surrounding and various streets adjacent to it. It was also successful in observing every Friday as ‘Swatch Bharath Day.”

Achievements 2018-19 : Environmental Club has been enthusiastically working to plant new saplings in the school surrounding. ‘Green Brigade’ consisting of 51 students was formed to nurture the plants. 

‘Plant a tree on your Birth Day Campaign’ was initiated.

Achievements 2019-20 : Created new club with members to take care of the plants . Planted a few plants on the occasion of the Chief minister’s birthday.


3. TOUR CLUB : To make the students to get a brief idea about historical Places, Temples & all other visiting places our school introduced TOUR CLUB.

Role :Tour Club plans & Co – Ordinates Tours & Picnics.

With the help of these students gets mental relaxation & can know briefly about the places which they visit.

Achievements 2016-17 :All the students visited Vishakapatnam, Araku Valleys, Burra Caves, Annavaram, Simhachalam&Rajamundry.

Achievements 2017-18 :In this academic year, Tour Club has organized an Educational Tour to historical places in Hyderabad in two phases. The students were glad to visit Charminar, Golconda Fort, Salarjung Museum, Nehru Zoological Park and Wonderla. The Club also organized an Educational Tourfor the primary students to “Yellampally Project” in Mancherial District.


4. MATHS CLUB :From the day beginning to the Ending we will go with “n” number of activities. Each & every activity is associated with Mathematics. 

“Maths” is applicable to all branches of education.

One who is perfect in Maths can perform better in other subjects too.

Role :Take up innovative programmes like Maths fair.

They make the students prepare for Maths Olympiads.

Achievements 2016-17 :Some of our students got selected for National Ramanujan Olympiad Award. Many more showed their better performance in Maths fairs & some more showed their Excellence in Abacus.

Achievements 2017-18 :Maths Club organized a Maths Exhibition on 22nd Dec. to celebrate Srinivasa Ramanuja’s Birthday. The Club has also trained many students to participate in various Olympiads.

Achievements 2018-19 :Maths Club has initiated Abacus Training to the students. It was also keen on making models of geometrical shapes with formulae which served as a visual learning aid. It trained students for the Srinivasa Ramanujan Maths Olympiad and grabbed State 1st and a few District Ranks.



Achievements 2019-20 : Secured 8 awards in Srinivasa Ramanujan Maths Olympiads which consisted of State and District ranks. 

Conducted  Maths exhibition on the occasion of ATL inauguration.

5. SCIENCE CLUB :Science is a subject which is interlinked with other subjects.

Science is the only subject which helps us to know about: Universe, Plants, Animals, other all living organisms, Experiments, Inventions, Discoveries, Diseases & how it can be treated etc.

This is the only subject which acts as an answer guide for many answerless questions.

So our school introduced Science Club.

Role :Every year on the occasion of National Science Day we conduct Science fair.

They encourage the junior scientists of our school.

They pickup the students who are perfect in science & make them prepare for Olympiads & other competitive side.

Achievements 2016-17 :Some of our students got selected for National Level Science Olympiads.

Achievements 2017-18 :Science Club has organized a Science Exhibition to assess the students’ creative thinking in science. Science Club proved its mettle when two students of our school namely K. Akshith VII Class and R. Sanjana IX Class were qualified for the State Level Science Fair.

Achievements 2018-19 : As An encouragement to young innovators, we were blessed with an Atal Tinkering Lab, the first of its kind in our area. Some of our students participated in District Science Fair and secured District First Prize for inventing ‘Automatic garbage Cleaner.’ 

Achievements 2019-20 : in this year some students participated in India’s Future Tycoons’, a workshop on innovation held in Mumbai and were qualified for the final round. Some students have taken part in Dist. Science Congress and also Seminars.

Above all, the most awaited Atal Tinkering Lab’s Official opening is scheduled to be held on Feb.28, 2020.



6. SPORTS CLUB :Complete Education is meaningless without Sports & Games.

Sports & Games plays an active role in students’ life.

A student who shows better performance in sports there is a chance to show the same excellence in studies too.

Role :To make students physically & Mentally strong.

To encourage the students who show better performance in any Sports & to make them get ready to participate in different levels.

To give daily practice for the students who are perfect in Sports.

Achievements 2016-17 :Some of our students got selected for National School Olympics Federation Sports Meet & showed their better performance by winning some Medals and Certificates.

Conducted Annual Sports Meet and awarded certificates and Mementos to the Winners.

Achievements 2017-18 :Sports Club organized an Inter School Kabaddi Tournament in which many schools of Jannaram Mandal participated. It also trained a Kho-Kho team which won 2nd prize in Mandal Level kho- Kho Tournament held in Indanpally.

Achievements 201-19 : Participated in various competitions. Provided Kho – Kho  and Kabbaddi Traininig.

Achievements 2019-20 : The Sports Club was on cloud nine when the most awaited ‘Dhyan Chand Sports Arena’ was established to provide  training in all games and sports. We were also very happy to host Zonal level And District Level Weight Lifting & Power lifting competitions organized by SGF. A good sum of students was selected for State level competitions in weight lifting and Yoga.

7. ARTS CLUB :To notice the students creativity & skills in various field our school introduced Arts Club.

Art is a part of Education.

Role :To recognize the students creative work.

To help the students to develop their skills.

To encourage the students to improve or come up with different arts.

Achievements 2016-17 :Introduced students corner, recognized the hard work of students with the help of their Arts.

Achievements 2017-18 :Arts Club organized celebrations and Festivals.

Achievements 2018-19 :Art Club has instilled the spirit of patriotism and religious harmony in the students by celebrating festivals with their own due importance.

it also trained women in the immediate vicinity in ‘ Kolatam’, an inevitable part of Dussehra Celebration. 

Achievements 2019-20 : Celebrated all festivals grandly. Conducted Rangoli Competition. Conducted painting competition.


8. HEALTH CLUB :To do any work, first we need to be physically fit.

If you are good at Health, we can be good in studies & others.

To make the students healthy our school introduced Health Club.

Role :To motivate the students about, how to keep themselves Healthy.

Conducting Health checkups & Blood Donation camp.

Achievements 2016-17 :In the 2016 – 2017 Academic Year we have conducted Blood Donation camp in the school, where some parents, teachers, well-wishers of our school donated the Blood.

Achievements 2017-18 : Health Club organized a Health Camp at Kolamguda, one of the most under privileged villages which is adopted by Slate High School staff donating 1% of their monthly salary for the development of the village. 

Achievements 2018-19 : Health Club organized a pediatric Health Camp in our school. As there was no pediatric hospitals in our locality, patients were pouring in from morning to late evening. The club also provided free medicines for the children.

Achievements 2019-20 : As the deadly Virus’ Corona’ was spreading in various parts of the world, Health Club conducted an awareness drive. 



9. LITERATURE CLUB :In our school Literature Club has been playing a vital role in the overall performance of the students in all the aspects from the beginning.

Role :The immense hard work & dedication of Literature Club members have brought up new creative programmes in this Academic Year.

Achievements 2016-17 :In this Academic Year the Literature club has conducted different programmes like Quiz Competitions, Essay writings, Poem writings, Drawing Competitions, Elocution Competitions etc… Further, it is the achievement of the Literature Club that a teacher has been appointed in Kolamguda (Tribal Village) In order to improve the standard of Education of the children in the village.

Achievements 2017-18 :Literature Club has been rendering its wholehearted service over the years molding young children to contribute for school magazine, to participate in debates, elocutions, poetry etc. In this academic year, two students of our school namely S. Vasavi and A. Pranathi of VII Class participated in state level competitions organized by “Telugu Mahasabhalu” and were awarded 1st and 3rd respectively. 

Achievements 2017-18 :Literature Club has been rendering its wholehearted service over the years molding young children to contribute for school magazine, to participate in debates, elocutions, poetry etc. In this academic year, two students of our school namely                   S. Vasavi and A. Pranathi of VII Class participated in state level competitions organized by “Telugu Mahasabhalu” and were awarded 1st and 3rd respectively.


Achievements 2018-19: The Club has organized a free Spoken English Training to the youth and job aspirants of our locality and distributed course completion certificate.

Achievements 2019-20 : The Club has commenced British Accent Training to the students and faculties to make them fluent speakers. 

As a whole Club activities have facilitated the comprehensive growth of the students as they are made to think and act themselves. It also helped every student to express himself fearlessly. Every Club was victorious in its activities in the Academic Year 2016 – 2017. This year we have also planned to add two more Clubs namely Disaster Management Club & Social Service Club which can provide more opportunities for the students to learn and grow.

Golden Achievement:

One of the greatest achievements in the history of Slate High School is that our school has been chosen for the establishment of “Atal Tinkering Lab”, the most coveted central government grant. Under this scheme, our school had the privilege to be one among the 1500 schools that were selected throughout India.  The Lab which is yet to be established with the central government fund of Rs. 20 Lacs, is really a boon to the students in the rural areas. It is sure that this facility will awaken the underlying creativity of the students.


Swatch Patashala activities:

“Cleanliness is Next to Godliness.” True to its meaning, The Prime Minister of India,          Shri. NarendraModi has implemented “Swatch Bharath Campaign” throughout the country. As the first lessons of cleanliness begins at school, our school is taking every effort to instill the spirit of Cleanliness in the students. Some of the steps taken are:

1. We emphasis on students washing their hands with soap provided in each floor to ensure maximum hygiene.

2. Utmost care is taken by the House keeping Department of Slate High School to maintain the school toilets neat and clean. The toilet and urinals are cleaned thrice a day with acid and phenyl and are checked by the floor in charges promptly.

3. Every floor has its own cleaning staffs who keep the floor and classrooms neat and tidy. The cleaning staff is expected to clean the floor twice a day ie. Before the school starts and at the end of the day.

4. As cited above, Slate High School Has various Clubs formed on different purposes. Environmental Club shoulders the responsibility of conducting ‘Swatch Bharat campaigns on every Friday’. In this process The Club organizes clean drive in the school surroundings and various streets of Jannaram.

5. Students are also motivated to throw the garbage in dustbins allotting some positive marks if done so.

Establishment of Atal Tinkering Lab (ATL)

ATL is the flagship initiative of AIM, the Government of India, to nurture an innovative mindset amongst high school students across the length and breadth of India.

Atal tinkering lab was established in our school on 28th February, 2020. It paved way to introduction to Technology at school level. With its advent, students could explore the mysterious realms of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. (STEM). Two mentoring sessions were held and students were trained on Dremel and lego products. The lab is a vast workshop unlike the science lab with all the electronics and engineering tools. It is equipped with all sorts of circuit boards and parts like aurdino nano which helps students to create and give coding to robots. When students were exposed to ATL, tremendous change in creativity was observed.



Activities conducted in adopted Village 


Distributed Uniform (2 School Dress + Shoe + Socks) worth Rs.32000.

Service to mankind is service to god to serve the society and be a role model to students, Slate staff and Management have adopted a tribal village named “Kolamguda in 2015” and took up developmental activities. Each Teacher contributed 1% of their monthly salary and raised fund to provide the village with basic amenities. 




Conducted Health Camp treated various diseases of 70 people & distributed Medicine Worth Rs.4200.




Planted plants around Primary school on the occasion of Independence Day in part of 

Haritha Haram on 15/08/2017



Donated Rs.40,000 for establishment of Goat Farm in the presence of 

District Governor Lions Club International



Donated 5 Female Goats & 5 Lamb (total 10 Pieces) for their self employment in the presence of Commissioner of Police Vikram Jith Duggal IPS on 18/01/2018.

Honoured SHS appointed Vidya Volunteer Venkatesh Garu B.Sc. B.Ed. on the occasion of Teachers Day on 05/09/2017


A teacher is appointed by the Management in September 2016. At Govt Primary School, Kolamguda. Kolamguda to impart better EDUCATON to the Kolamguda students. The school Management personally pays the sum of Rs.4500 per month as salary, which spent Rs.67500 as on today apart from above mentioned details.

Constructed Hanuman Temple


Constructed Hanuman Temple with Rs.35100 

Academic Year 2020-21

It was the year which could not have a smooth finishing. The disastrous covid-19 hit the whole world and shattered the hopes of many especially students. However, Slate has put its efforts in all the areas for the overall growth of the students.


1. Sainik School Entrance

Though the school was shut down due to Covid -19 two students namely D. Rishindra and G. Vamshi Krishna of 5th class were selected for sainik School. It is the outcome of comprehensive learning practice of the school.

2. IIIT Entrance

P .Madhu , S. Vasavi and T. Rahul of outgoing  10th class proved their best by securing seats in IIIT , Basara. This clearly indicates that the learning continues even if the schools are shut.

3. National Hindi & State Telugu Talent Test

Navadeep of 8th class secured state first rank in Telugu Talent Test and Neha Thamanna of 7th Class secured National Second Rank in National Hindi Talent Test conducted by National Talent Test Foundation in this academic year which augmented the glory of the school and the remote village, Jannaram.

4. Navodaya Entrance test

Rishendra , Alwiya and G. Akshara of class 5 secured Navodaya seats and were held in high esteem by the people of Jannaram.

5. Intinta Innovation Award

Intinta Innovation Award was constituted by Telangana govt. to identify and recognize innovators of every nook and corner of Telangana State.

Mr. Aenugu Srikanth Reddy, Principal of Slate High School has been recognized and awarded as the best innovator in the field of agriculture. Being a man of action, he couldn’t sit idle though the school was closed due to lock down. He started organic farming in his yard producing multiple crops without using any chemical pesticide or fertilizers. His intention was to serve at least some part of society with organic vegetables. Everyone was dumb struck to see that there is no hike in the price of vegetable compared to regular market rate. 

This was possible only by cutting down the labour charges of weeds removal. He thought of something that could help him remove the weeds and there flashed an idea of making a solar weed removal using scraps. He used a discarded Toy car and invented solar weed remover and was awarded as Intinta Innovator by the District Collector   Smt. Bharathi Holikeri. 


6. Community Contribution Award

What is next? This was the question raised to all the educators throughout the world

 When Covid 19 pandemic broke out. Students were not permitted to go to school and every one thought that was the end to formal education. 

To overcome this, Aenugu Srikanth Reddy, Principal of Slate High School and his energetic staff came forward with free online education to all the schools of Telangana by which almost students of almost 700 hundred school gained free online education thereby reduced learning loss.

As a recognition to this magnanimous service, Saanvi E Learning Services established by      A. Srikanth Reddy won nationwide acclaim and was presented ‘Community Contribution Award’ by Smartail.


7. Micro Innovation Project Award

During the lock down, though we could conduct free online classes to students of Telangana, there were many students who couldn’t access online class due to lack of poor network, lack of devices etc. To overcome this and provide education to all, Saanvi E Learning Services has come up with monthly worksheets for students of all classes. These worksheets included essential syllabus to be learned and students were instructed to learn and complete the exercise. This enabled every student to get education irrespective of financial condition. Recognizing the effort taken by the school, NISA foundation appreciated the school and Presented ‘ Micro Innovation Project Award.’


8. National Education Excellence Award 

Education never ends. So does research in education. Mr. Aenugu Srikanth reddy, a visionary, has been researching on Education to render the best possible education to his students. His efforts have never gone in vain. Under his leadership the school bagged National Education Excellence Award by ‘Begin up Research Intelligence Private Limited.


Academic Year 2021-22

This academic year started with Covid19 threat and we were forced to continue online classes up to September. When school was re-opened in September after a long gap, we had to make the best of it. 


1. Multi- religious Festival Celebration

To promote the sense of unity, school has organized celebration of all religious festival under a single roof. This helped students to treat everyone equally and promote religious harmony.


2. Voluntary Service Programme by the Teachers

We live in a society which influences us in a great way. It is our basic responsibility to be aware of what is going on in this society. Teacher is the role model to the entire society.    As today’s children are tomorrow’s citizen, they are greatly influenced by teachers. Therefore, to make students understand, practice and develop service -oriented mentality towards the society, Our teachers have done voluntary service to the society in various manner which influenced and moulded students in a greater degree. They have also planted a sapling so that students learn about the importance of environmental protection.


3. Vridha Devo Bhava

It is a project implemented by the school to high lighten the importance of old people in the society. As old people are often neglected by children and society, we understood that it is the need of the hour to open the eyes of the people and realize the importance of old people.

        We realized that making grandparent tell stories is the best way to show their importance. Grand parents were invited to school and we inaugurated Vridha Devo Bhava Programme making them tell stories. We have brainstormed them as how to tell stories effectively. Later they were instructed to tell stories to grandchildren every day. To monitor this, we have conducted a story telling competition among the children and we were shocked to find many students told stories so beautifully. We were so happy that our effort bore fruits.

4. Beyond the school Pilot Project 

This project was stemmed out of continuous research in education. It was a pilot project which has to be tested and implemented. Hundred parents of students were invited to school and the programme was inaugurated. Under this programme parent was given a book let which included instruction to exploratory learning. A lesson from each subject was selected and guidelines were given to parents to assist students in exploring their surrounding landmarks and learn subject related concepts before they come to class. A material was given to students too instructing them to explore and learn more about the concepts of all subjects before the lesson is taught. Later we compared the result of the students and came to know that they learn better when they had exposure to the real world.


5. Envision 2021-22

Envision 2021-22 is a three day Teacher Training Programme which was intended to enlighten teachers on modern teaching strategies, modern student’s psychology etc. It was an inspiring Programme which prepared teachers to face the challenges in modern Educational system.

As students are changing on par with the technology, it is very essential to invent methods of teaching to cater the needs of students. Envision 21-22 prepared teachers with modern techniques of teaching. 


6. Annual Parent’s Sports Meet-2022

Annual Parent’s Sports meet was held to re-create and impart the importance of physical fitness among the parents. Educating parents will in turn make the students aware of imports of sports and games. Many parents participated in the sports meet enthusiastically and evolved as winners. 




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